Monday, 3 August 2015

UE4: Similarities & Differences

The viewport layout is very similar to Rhino3D and Revit as it allows us to minimise ti 4 separate windows or moving from viewport to another, this allows us to see different views at the same time.

Panning and moving object very similar to Lumion as to it navigate whilst orientating objects.

UE4 Blueprint visual scripting elements is very much similar to Grasshopper

Snapping objects to a floor plane is can be easily done on UE4 by hitting the letter 'N' on the keyboard will place to the floor whereas on Lumion or Sketchup you would have to grab a point then drag to the floor plane.

Real time environment on UE4 is much more effective than Lumion. For example, dust and fire and burning etc. is a big advantage for UE4.

Lighting on UE4 is very effective gives the user ability to control the lights effects through the use if reflectors.

On UE4 it enables users to push and pull objects with the verticals and edges and also subtracting a void space similarity to Sketch up.

I must say UE4 has the advantage over other programs that i have experienced with is the capability to play and experience your creation.

Even tho UE4 have all these cool features that other programs doesn't offer, the undo feature need some improvement as it takes a really long time to regather.

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